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About myself.

  My Name is Kirill Zaborski (nickname - Niemiets). I was born on 18th of March 1980 in Arkhangelsk (in Northeuropean Russia near the White Sea). Nowadays I am a student of Arkhnagelsk State Technical University. My main interests lie in field of computer science and especially programming (now I write programs in C++, but also know Delphi, use VB/VBA/VBS in a lot of small applications, and know also some other languages like PHP, Perl, Rebol).

  That's a house where I live (a big one):

(photo is made by Martin Elsner)

What I like :
music (K's Choice, The Cranberries, Metallica, Depeche Mode, Zemfira etc.), sports on TV,poetry, programming.

Don't like:
tomatos (I just hate it!), smoke of cigarettes, wrestling,boring people

Emden, Mai 2002.

 © 2002 Kirill Zaborski
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