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Favourite links.

Altavista.Com - coolest from my point of view search engine, maybe even it's too cool.

Raging.Com - Altavista without all usless stuff, my favourite searcher.

Google.Com - another one (and not a bad one) search engine.

AllTheWeb.Com - great searcher from Norway.

List.Ru - good Russian Web Directory.

Slashdot.Org - just great site, here you can find interesting news abot computers and not only about them.

NewsForge - little "brother" of Slashdot.Org - different news about world of Open Source and other news.

Kschoice.com & Kschoice.net - 2 websites about one of my favourite groups - K's Choice

Eurosport - sport channel site where you can find a lot of information about sports.

ATP Tour & WTA Tour - tennis fans know what it is.

Brainbench - a lot of online exams, you get certificates for free by postal mail, my ID - 451954.

Techrepublic - community of computer specialists. Here you can find comparatively interesting information and maybe answer to your technical questions.

Download.com и SoftSeek.com - great software libraries.

Gazeta.ru - my favourite Russian internetnewspaper, i visit it almost everyday.

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