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What is it?
MathParser is a library for calculation of mathematical expressions. It is intended to be small and fast. Actually it is just CCalc library(can't find a link to it anymore) rewritten in C++.

Current version?
Just 0.03b

Who would use it?
MathParser LIBRARY can be used by developers for parsing expressions, for plotting functions etc...

Why would they use it instead of similar projects? Special features/strengths?
- The LIBRARY is fast and compact - The engine supports user-defined functions, variables and more... - MathParser has its own script language, making possible very complex calculations.

Special problems?
Not known...

Who is working on it?
Kirill Zaborski, zkv@mail.ru

Plans for the close and distant future?
Make the library more portable. Now I'm working in MSVC++ and don't have time to test the library in other compilers and environments. Matteo Murgia found that it compiles well under Linux/gcc, so I don't think that there should be any problems on other platforms.


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